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2017 Messages (Newest First – Click on the Message Title)

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08/27/2017:  Shawn Flory Replogle: Message: “When Heaven and Earth Touch”

Scripture: Matthew 17: 1-9

08/06/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Seeing Beneath the Surface”

Scripture:  Acts 9;26-28; Acts 15: 36-40

07/30/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “More Than Conquerors”

Scripture:  Romans 8:26-28; 35-39

07/23/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Our Papa”

Scripture: Matthew 6: 9-15

07/16/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Miracle, Not Magic”

Scripture: Matthew 6: 5-8

07/09/2017:  Randy Beeghly:  Message: “O Wretched Man That I Am”

Scripture: Romans 7: 15-25a

07/02/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “Wow!!”

Scripture: Genesis 1: 27-30

06/25/2017: A Drama was presented. Community Church held our annual Peace Camp on June 24 and this drama was presented then too. Here is the audio: “Drama: The Butter Battle Book”

Peace Scriptures:  Matthew 5: 38-48, Matthew 20: 20-28, Matthew 26: 47-56, Romans 12: 9-21

06/18/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “1 or 2?” 

Scripture: Matthew 6: 19-24

06/11/2017:  Community Church held a worship at the Homebuilder’s Building at Carey Park. This service was not recorded.

06/04/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “7 Eleven”

05/28/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “You are Not Alone”

05/21/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Going, Going …”

05/14/2017:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Rise Above”

05/07/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Go Fish”

04/30/2017:  Marlo Oltman: Message: “Doubt”

04/23/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Incognito”

04/16/2017:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Do You Have Your Key Ready?”

04/09/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “Who is This?”

04/02/2017: Matt Christian:  Message: “Label Less”

03/26/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Perspective”

03/19/2017:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “What is Truth”

03/12/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “A Call to Commitment”

03/05/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Best Till Now”

02/26/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Open Mouth, Insert Foot”

02/19/2017:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Routed in Christ”

02/12/2017:  Marlo Oltman: Message: “Saved by Grace”

02/05/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Super Fast”

01/29/2017:  Anita Christian:  Message: “He’s the One”

01/22/2017:  Jud Hornbaker gave a message. A recording is not available.

01/15/2017:  (Community Church did not hold services due to inclement weather)

01/08/2017:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Troubled Water”

01/01/2017:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “God is With Us”

2016 Messages (Newest First – Click on the Message Title)

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12/25/2016:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Christmas: Past, Present, and Future”


12/18/2016:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “Be Like Joseph”


12/11/2016:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Healing and Hope”


12/04/2016:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Reorientation”


11/27/2016:  (Recording is not available)


11/20/2016:  Marlo Oltman: Message: “Living in the Kingdom”


11/13/2016:  Matt Christian: Message: “Danger Zone”


11/6/2016:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Holy Fist Bump”


10/30/2016:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Zaccheus”


10/23/2016:  Marlo Oltman: Message: “God be Merciful to me, a Sinner”


10/16/2016:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Mulberry Street”


10/09/2016: Community Church had a hymn singing experience during the normal message time.


10/02/2016:  Marlo Oltman:  Message: “Increase Our Faith”


09/25/2016:  Anita Christian: Message: “Are You An Icon?”


09/18/2016:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Yield”


09/11/2016:  Jud Hornbaker:  Message: “Only in the Gospel”


09/04/2016:  Anita Christian:  Message: “Law and Order”


08/28/2016:  Marlo Oltman: Message: “Models of Faith”


08/21/2016:  Matt Christian:  Message: “Please Go Now”

(Note: This audio file contains both the scripture and message. Before giving his message, Matt recited, from memory, the scripture from Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 13 continuing through the end of Matthew Chapter 7. The first 15 minutes of the recording are this scripture recital.)